Sinchies Fun 500ml Reusable Food Pouches – 5 Pack

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Product Description

Sinchies’ 500ml pouch size is a great filling accessory for your other pouches and a great size to store bulk lots of food.

Make your own soup, stock, broth, juice, milk, sauces and marinades at home and dispense it into these awesome reusable food pouches.

Save money and make your own food at home or buy bulk nutritious yoghurt and dispense it into these awesome reusable food pouches.

Freezer and Dishwasher Safe. Free from BPA, Phthalate and PVC.

Sinchies 500ml reusable pouches are clear making it easy for you to see the contents. Great for cleaning purposes as you can see any leftover bits of food.

Featuring a ziplock top, handy contents label & fill to line. Be sure to open the bottom gusset so they stand up making them easy to fill.

So versatile and not just for kids, Sinchies are suitable for all sorts of baby foods, smoothies, fruit crushers, yoghurt, jelly, custard as well as other purposes such as travel toiletries, sauces or salad dressings.

Eco friendly – With the environment in mind, minimal packaging and biodegradable or recyclable materials have been used

They cut food costs, encourage healthy eating, reduce waste, and take up less room in your fridge or freezer!

All our reusable pouches come with standard white lids. We encourage you to purchase some child safe lids if you are using our product for infants.


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