Elki Baby Bamboo Baby Wraps – Cinder Grey


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Product Description

This wrap is the perfect basic grey that will go with any outfit. It is a gender neutral option that can be worn by Mum or Dad.

Colour: Heather Grey (mixed grey tones)

Elki Baby Bamboo Baby Wraps are handmade in Australia using high quality, eco-friendly bamboo fabrics which make them light and breathable and perfect for any climate. The wraps have a slimline design with tapered ends and less bulk compared to other wraps on the market. This makes them comfortable to wear and simple to carry around in their own matching storage pocket. These wraps not only look good, but have some of the best functionality.

Elki Baby wraps will fit most adults, the only difference in size will be the number of times you will wrap the fabric around your waist.

Elki Wraps are suitable for use with baby’s in their first year of life and up to a maximum weight of 10kg or when it is no longer comfortable for the wearer.

Each wrap comes with a matching wrap pocket that will help keep your wrap tidy when not in use. It will fold up small enough to fit into any nappy bag, handbag or beach bag meaning it is always on hand.

Bamboo fabric has been chose for the wraps due to the many associated benefits including;

  • Eco-Friendly and sustainable
  • Light and breathable
  • Soft – Feels similar to silk or cashmere
  • Naturally Hypoallergenic & Antibacterial- perfect for sensitive baby skin
  • Provides UV Protection (We still recommend you use sunscreen!)
  • Highly Absorbent – Wicks away moisture
  • Insulating – cool in summer/warm in winter


Elki Baby designed their wraps from their own experience, encompassing all of the attributes they believe make the perfect wrap carrier; workable length, lightweight, breathable, perfect stretch and stylish. It was also essential to them that the fabric was not only baby-safe but Eco-friendly. For this reason they choose bamboo. Elki Baby Bamboo Baby Wraps are designed and handmade in their Gold Coast home studio. They have worked really hard to source the best fabrics so they don’t just look good but function too.

Elki Baby is a proud business member of the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance and they make it a priority to ensure all of their products are of the highest quality and safe for you and your baby.


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